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Under the B…Number Two: Playing Chicken Shit Bingo in Austin

Chicken Shit Bingo - Austin

“It’s like bingo…but with chickens,” I implored. “So you, like, wait for the chicken to walk across your card and poop?” my friend asked, obviously grossed out.“ “No, there’s actually only one card and the chicken’s in a cage. You know what,” I mused, “it’s actually more like chicken shit roulette when you think about it.”Ah, Austin…land of the weird.

Celebrity Airport Style for Less: Emma Stone

Celebrity Airport Style - Emma Stone

Emma Stone’s classic chambray shirt, oversized jacket, and loafers have an easy, borrowed-from-the-boys charm which is pulled together but comfortable for grabbing a Starbucks and waiting for your Uber airport pick-up.

A Korean Haircut

A Korean Haircut

What do you do when you’re in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language but you’ve decided that you absolutely need to get your hair cut? When this happened to me, it all came down to hand gestures and a driver’s license.

Unique New York: 15 Lesser Known Things to Do in NYC

Unique Things to Do in New York City

You’ve done Times Square. You’ve done the Empire State Building. You’ve spent countless hours at the Met. You’ve tromped across the Brooklyn Bridge and now you’re looking for something unique to do in New York. I’ve got you covered. After 8 visits I’ve had most of the experiences you expect from New York – Broadway shows, MoMA, the High Line – but I’ve also managed to uncover a few cool experiences that you won’t find on a typical best of New York list.

101 Things to Do in Nova Scotia

101 Things to Do in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a unique place where Celtic, Acadian, and Indigenous cultures live side by side. Where music is a way of life and you're never more than 67km from the ocea...

Celebrity Airport Style - Kristin Cavallari

Celebrity Airport Style for Less: Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari knows just how to put a polished twist on an otherwise casual, athleisure airport style look. The key pieces that take her from yoga class to first clas...

Scooter Fail in Austin

The Day I Fell Off a Lime: A Scooter Fail in Austin

In my ongoing quest to show you the full spectrum of travel, I wanted to share another, more recent travel fail of mine. One that saw me miss a river cruise to see bats i...

What to Wear in New York in the Spring

What to Pack for New York in Spring

Spring is one of my favourite times to visit New York. You skip the summer smog and the winter cold, but knowing what to wear in New York in Spring can be tricky. Using m...

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