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Day Use Hotels – The Best Way to Spend a Long Layover?

Day Use Hotel

Have you ever had a long layover in a city during the day? Sure, you could pay to store your luggage at the airport while you go explore the city. But what if all you really wanted was a nap, a shower and to binge on Netflix until your next flight? Or what if you really need a workout and a swim to recover from the flight? Enter the day use hotel.

I Got Schooled in Street Art in Shoreditch

Street Art in Shoreditch

I was trip planning and wondering what should I do in London? Should I seek out a food tour? Bike tour? Camden pub crawl? Beer was the social lubricant I needed in Brussels. Or should I go Banksy hunting in Shoreditch? Bingo! We have a winner.

When a City Girl Goes Camping

Based on the name of this site, you’d assume that camping wasn’t my thing. And… well… you’re not entirely wrong. But I decided to put that to the test with a friend recently backcountry camping in Terra Nova National Park. What could possibly go wrong? We’d commune with nature, spend a night in the fresh air, and wake up to birds chirping next to a pond. What could go wrong?

A Convertible Travel Dress That Doesn’t Suck

Kameleon Convertible Travel Dress

I was sent my first convertible travel dress a few years ago to try…and it did not go well. I was excited to test it out because, back then, I was still a terrible overpacker and the thought of being able to pack one item for multiple outfits was enticing. The package arrived and I eagerly opened it up. “It’s…leopard print. Huh.” Would the KameleonRose convertible travel dress be different?

An Unusual Way to Beat Jet Lag

An Unusual Way to Beat Jet Lag

Jet lag. It sucks, right? As frequent travellers we’ll try almost anything to avoid the energy sucking, insomnia-inducing, disorienting effects of it. What would you tr...

A Guide to Newfoundland Breweries

Newfoundland might be a bit late to the microbrewery game but we’re starting to catch up in a big and tasty way. While our oldest brewery opened in 1996, it didn’t ha...

How I Beat the Post-Travel Meal Slump

How I Beat the Post-Travel Meal Slump

It happens every time. While I’m away on a trip I get these grand ideas of how I’m going to change my habits when I get home. “It’ll be a fresh start,” I say. I...

Ballie Ballerson - ball pit bar in London

I Went to a Ball Pit Bar…and Things Got Weird

I'd just fallen over and was quickly being engulfed by a quarter million white semi-translucent plastic balls. The people falling around me were creating waves of balls a...

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