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To date I have traveled to Ireland, England, France, Belgium, Malta, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia.

I Was So Hungry, I Ate a Horse

Island Hopping in Malta

Accidental Island Hopping in Malta

Banje Beach, Photo by Jimmy Harris

Guide to the Best Dubrovnik Beaches

Postcards from Venice

What You Won't See in Paris

What You Won’t See in Paris

    • Gotta love that warm sunset glow santorinisunset santorinigreece santoriniisland visitgreece
    • Ready for the sunset in Fira    visitgreece
    • When you want to take a selfie but cant get
    • If youve ever been to a vineyard in North America
    • Make it pink and youve got my attention  caveland
    • Its not immediately clear in Oia where you need to
    • This is not my hotel but a girls gotta get
    • You know who probably has the most secure job in