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Santa Teresa

The Town That Was All Flow, No Go

Travel Goofs

Rookie Travel Goofs

Island Hopping in Malta

Accidental Island Hopping in Malta

Adjusting Your Travel Expectations

Chase the Ace, Goulds

Chasing the Ace in Goulds

When a City Girl Goes Camping

Geri Coady

Leading the Pack: Geri Coady

Leading the Pack: Kim Paddon

Kelly Lawson

Leading the Pack: Kelly Lawson

Best & Worst of 2016

My Best (and Worst) Travel Moments of 2016

Melanie Caines - Nova Yoga

Leading the Pack: Melanie Caines

Hosting on AirBnB

Longtime Guest, First Time Host

Ode to a Hotel Robe |

Ode to a Hotel Robe

Isolation Tank at Spa Ovarium |

First Time Floating in Montreal

SUP Seattle

SUP With You?

    • Jumpsuits for city travel Im into it This one from
    • Who wants to go for a walk in the woods?
    • Ive been posting a bit about my home province of
    • If youre not surfing one of the best things to
    • This is a singular Ficus tree in the Monteverde Cloud
    • Directions are easy to give in Santa Teresatheres really only
    • Daydreaming about fresh pineapples and papaya shakes How bout you?
    • Its currently thunder snowing outside my window so I really