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I want to ‘Go with Oh’ to Barcelona

Barcelona |

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Yo queiro ‘Go with Oh’ a Barcelona.

Barcelona has been on my travel radar for awhile now. Architecture, food, wine, beaches, art and gorgeous Spanish men – what more could a girl want from a vacation? Add in beaches and shopping and it’s like the city was tailor made for me.

Spanish wines rank among some of my favourite and I can think of no better way to spend a spring afternoon then sitting at an outdoor restaurant getting tipsy on a Tempranillo and watching stylish Spaniards go by. Best to counter the wine with some tapas or paella though.

He estado estudiando español y quiero usarlo. Even though Catalan is spoken more in Barcelona I would still love to have the chance to use the Spanish that I’ve been learning over the last year or more. It’s such a beautiful language and it would be such an aural treat to be surrounded by it.

I’m fascinated by Gaudí’s architecture and my camera trigger finger is itchy to shoot it in all its organic beauty. Vincent Van Gogh may have my heart when it comes to art, but I wouldn’t dare leave Barcelona without visiting Museu Picasso. Checking out the bird market in La Rambla also sounds like something quirky enough to pique my interest.

As for travel companions…Jen, Sarah and I have been best friends since junior high but are currently scattered across Canada. We don’t let that get in our way though. Each year we get together for some girl time. 2010 was in Toronto, 2011 in Las Vegas and this year was in Peggy’s Cove, NS. How amazing would it be to spend our 2013 girls’ week in Barcelona, sipping local wine and eating tapas? Sharing an incredible destination with these two amazing women would just be the icing on the cake for me.

With all the incredible Barcelona apartments available through Go with Oh it would be an exquisite sort of torture to pick just one. I mean, check these out:



Last spring, Go with Oh gave bloggers the chance to win a dream European trip – four cities, one month. Well, they’re at it again and I would be over the moon if I were picked. If you’re not a blogger don’t fret, you can still win. Go with Oh is also hosting a Facebook contest where you could win an iPhone 5, the new iPad 2, or a €750 Go with Oh voucher. Check them out on Facebook for your chance to win.

Go with Oh

Yo queiro ‘Go with Oh’ a Barcelona!

S+H Monthly Check-In

Get travel and style tidbits sent straight to your inbox every month.

2 responses to “I want to ‘Go with Oh’ to Barcelona”

  1. Having lived in Barcelona for a year and a half, I can confirm that it is indeed a fantastic city. Still on the hunt for the gorgeous Spanish men, however.

  2. A sweet post about the wonders of Barcelona! Food, art, wine, beaches all shared with old friends does indeed sound like the perfect holiday! Thank you so much for your entry, best of luck with the contest!

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