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Sunday Snap: Green Trails in Formentera, Spain

Cycling on Formentera |

Formentera is a small island south of Ibiza, Spain and is part of the Balearic Island autonomous community. 19 Green Routes crisscross the island. You can get almost anywhere on the flat island you want to go via one and rarely have to worry about traffic. Bike rentals are plentiful and easily found. I rented this cruiser for €6 for the day and cruised around Estany Pudent before heading up to Playa Illetes for some sun and sand. There was even plenty of bike parking at the beach. Perfect. If you ever find yourself on Formentera rent a bike and go for a ride. Just watch out for the little lizards who like to sunbathe in the middle of the path.

2 responses to “Sunday Snap: Green Trails in Formentera, Spain”

  1. Peter says:

    Nice pic Melissa… Confirmed that you enjoyed the day a lot… Was the lizard in this pic?

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