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Getting Data Abroad – One International SIM Card to Rule Them All

International SIM Card Data Plan - Always Online Wireless

It’s no secret that when I travel to the United States I get my phone and data plans from Roam Mobility. I love how easy it is to order a plan online and set the time to activate just as I’m touching down. Just pop in the SIM card and away I go.

I was planning a trip to Europe and was lamenting that Roam Mobility didn’t have Euro plans and so I was looking at either getting multiple SIM cards in airports of digging through different carriers. How to know who to trust?

So imagine my delight when I learned that Roam Mobility’s parent company had another brand that would work for me. Always Online Wireless offers worldwide prepaid data plans with a single SIM card. Just like before, I was able to schedule up my plans before I left so that they would seamlessly kick in when I needed them.

Simple Setup

Order your SIM card online and then when it arrives just log in to activate the number and set up your plans. You can reuse the same sim for multiple trips as well. You can get either a per day plan which gives you 200MB/day or for longer stays you can choose how much data you’ll need. The per MB plans are valid for a month after their start date or until you either use all the data or activate another plan.

One of the best parts, besides not having to change SIM cards every country is that your data can roll over from one plan to another. For instance, set up a daily plan for a single day in London but only use 100mb of data before you touch down in Slovenia for a week on a 1GB plan? Now you have 1.1GB to use in Slovenia. Keeping an eye on your data usage is easy peavey too. Log into your account on their website and you get a pie chart showing how much data you’ve used and how much you’ve left. Easy peasey.

The only drawback is that they’re data only. You won’t be assigned a phone number and can’t purchase text or voice time. But between Google Hangouts, What’s App, Skype, or any number of online voice call/messaging apps, it’s not a deal breaker. There were only a few times when being able to make or receive calls or texts would’ve been nice but it didn’t prevent me from doing anything.

International SIM Card Data Plan - Always Online Wireless

Support When You Need It

I did have an issue where I lost my connection in London and no matter of restarting, re-inserting the SIM card, or iOS updates would let me connect again. After contacting support while on hotel wifi, we eventually figured out that I hadn’t set up the card properly. The instructions say to change some cellular settings and then in a separate box it says that if you have an iPhone you can download the app to set it up. I didn’t realize the app was a requirement not just a tip for speedier setup. The support guy was bewildered that I’d gotten data for most of a day without the app. A slight re-wording of the instructions would clear that right up.

Tip: upon returning home, be sure to delete the profile that the app installs on your iPhone otherwise you’ll have trouble reconnecting to your main network.

Since my reconnection I haven’t had a single issue. I’ve even been able to tweet from 1500 metres up on top of a Slovenian mountain and from inside a 5,000 year old Maltese temple.

Travelling Soon?

Will you be travelling soon and need data for your phone so that you can make your friends jealous of your adventures? Interested in giving Always Online Wireless a try? Well, you’re in luck! I have two SIM cards to give out to lucky readers! Simply connect and follow the instructions to enter.

International SIM Card Data Plan - Always Online Wireless

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Simple setup, SIM card reuse, and coverage when and where you need it. Once less thing to worry about when planning your travels.

2 responses to “Getting Data Abroad – One International SIM Card to Rule Them All”

  1. This is so great! Thanks for the info Melissa. I would use the sim card in Costa Rica and during my European travels next year (Portugal, Spain, Croatia!)

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