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I Just Couldn’t Catch a Break

Missed Flight

You’d think after all the trouble I had getting home for Christmas – delay after delay and then lost luggage – that the travel gods would smile down on me when it was time to return to Newfoundland. You’d think that…and you’d be wrong…

Losing My Hostel Cherry

First Time Hotel Guest |

35 years old and I’d never stayed in a hostel before but with recent house renovation bills coming in and two weeks in Europe already booked I was feeling poor and hostels were cheap. “It’ll be an adventure!” I told myself though I wasn’t sure I really believed it. Wasn’t I too old to be getting on with this foolishness? “You’re booked into a four star hotel in Paris and now you’re looking at a hostel in Barcelona? And a dorm room no less! Foolish.” But you know, curiosity (and my wallet) got to me in the end and that’s how I became a first time hostel guest – booking myself into an 8-bed female dorm at the St. Christopher’s Inn in Barcelona for two nights. I researched hostels carefully and shuddered when I’d see photos of open bunk beds in a room. The thought of sleeping in an open…

A Christmas (Travel) Story

Halifax Airport

I’d never flown on Christmas Eve before but if all went well I’d be home in Saint John, New Brunswick in time for some visiting, Midnight Mass, and a drink or two while wrapping gifts. If there were no delays that is…

8 Truths About Korean Dramas

Me in Yeosu, South Korea |

Between 2012 and 2013 I spent a total of about 7 weeks in South Korea. I was introduced to many things like sweet potato lattes, cute cosmetics shops, and K-pop. The latter remains a guilty pleasure and now, thanks to Netflix, I have a new guilty pleasure… the Korean drama.

Vulcan, Alberta -

Live Long and Prosper in Vulcan, Alberta

There’s a town in Southern Alberta, Canada where each summer the 1800-odd residents put on pointy rubber ears and welcome hundreds of Trekkies to celebrate the home pla...

Get a Fat Tire in Paris

If there was one iconic image I had of Paris, it was cycling through the streets on a cruiser bike. The image would be made perfect by a flouncy midi skirt, Breton stripe...

Barcelona FoodTour |

Eating My Way Through Barcelona on a Food Tour

I thought I'd want to stay close to Las Ramblas when I was visiting Barcelona but after one visited I actually wanted to stay far, far away. Thankfully my Devour Barcelon...

Venus Snap |

Friday Find: Venus Snap Travel Razor

I must admit that I love my fancy Venus razor with replaceable blade cartridges, but it sucks at travel. The packaging for the blade wasn't reusable and just sticking the...

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