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What I Wore in Paris

What I Wore in Paris |

Heading to the eternally chic City of Lights this past fall, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t stand out as a tourist. Parisian women are known worldwide for their particular brand of style and I wanted to do my best to fit in with them. So what did I pack?

To All the Places I’ve Loved Before…

Dear Paris |

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day and I don’t get along. We started off ok, then hit some major bumpy spots. We mostly just exist separately these days. But this year I thought I would make the world my Valentine and write some love letters to all the places I’ve loved before.

A Parisian Anomaly: Bouillon Chartier

Bouillon Chartier |

I wanted to eat well in Paris. I really did. Sometimes I failed – too many ham and cheese baguettes. Sometimes I did ok – like Boeuf Bourguignon and a French red while sitting at the next table over from a couple of industry women in town for Fashion Week. And sometimes I hit it out of the park. Like the night I ventured, almost on a whim, to the 9th arrondissement to check out Bouillon Chartier. Zut alors!

My Minimalist Travel Makeup

Minimalist Travel Makeup |

Just because you’re travelling doesn’t mean you need to forgo all your beauty products, but it also doesn’t mean you need to pack the whole bathroom cabinet. I always love “what did I pack” posts so I thought I’d give you a peek into my own travel makeup bag.

Missed Flight

I Just Couldn’t Catch a Break

You’d think after all the trouble I had getting home for Christmas - delay after delay and then lost luggage - that the travel gods would smile down on me when it was t...

First Time Hotel Guest |

Losing My Hostel Cherry

35 years old and I’d never stayed in a hostel before but with recent house renovation bills coming in and two weeks in Europe already booked I was feeling poor and ...

Halifax Airport

A Christmas (Travel) Story

I'd never flown on Christmas Eve before but if all went well I'd be home in Saint John, New Brunswick in time for some visiting, Midnight Mass, and a drink or two while w...

Me in Yeosu, South Korea |

8 Truths About Korean Dramas

Between 2012 and 2013 I spent a total of about 7 weeks in South Korea. I was introduced to many things like sweet potato lattes, cute cosmetics shops, and K-pop. The latt...

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