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How to Fly for Free (Almost)

How to Fly for (Almost) Free |

Collect reward miles to fly for (almost) free! A lot people can’t be bothered but I’ll show you that it’s not hard and certainly worth the effort. I found myself having a few conversations on Twitter recently that got me thinking about sharing what I’ve learned. Sharing is caring and one thing I care about is helping people get out there and see the world without bankrupting themselves. It wasn’t all that long ago that I was a points n00b, just showing my Air Miles card when I bought groceries, using my non-rewards debit and earning a sad few points here and there. But then I discovered travel and travel hacking and now I’m a convert.

Sunday Snap: Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing |

You may have seen this crazy set of crosswalks in in Tokyo during Lost in Translation or the Fast and the Furious. Shibuya Crossing is known for being a perpetually busy intersection with crowds continually amassing and letting loose like ocean waves. Crowds gather on the sidewalks and when the lights change cars stop in all directions. Watching the masses surge forward makes you feel like your own patch of sidewalk is being invaded, except that these armies wield smartphones instead of swords. The best spot to watch the madness is from the 2nd floor Starbucks outside Shibuya Station. I recommend getting down into the middle of it yourself and crossing at least once though. You can pretend to be Scarlett Johansson, I won’t tell.

The Ultimate London Shopping Trip

In honour of London Fashion Week, VisitBritain Shop has asked bloggers to put together their perfect London shopping trip. Being the aspiring fashionista that I am, a shopping trip to London would be heaven. On this magical trip I would put together a perfect outfit featuring British designers and shops: Burberry, Stella McCartney, Lulu Guinness, Harrods and more!

Sunday Snap: Cable Cars of San Francisco

San Francisco Cable Cars |

It’s that time of year where I’m starting to long for Spring. I can’t wait for the messy, slushy snowbanks to disappear and to pack away my down parka and boots in exchange for spring jackets and ballet flats. So this Spring-longing got me thinking back to my trip to San Francisco in April 2011 and one of the most iconic images of San Francisco, the cable car. While slower and more expensive than regular transit, they are definitely worth the ride at least once.

Three Way Thursday: St. John’s

St. John's, Newfoundland has long known hard times and with our developing oil industry we're starting to know some good times. So it makes sense that St. John's is a cit...

Meiji Shrine Wedding |

Sunday Snap: Meiji Shrine Wedding

While visiting the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan I was lucky enough to stumble upon the solemn procession of a traditional Shinto wedding. During the ceremony, the couple ...

Love Land |

Love Land: Come with a Sense of Humour

Happy Valentine's Day! And do I have a post for you...but may want to hold off on reading this post until you're somewhere not so public lest you shock your c...

Dubrovnik at Night |

One Night in Dubrovnik

The night air was warm in Dubrovnik as I walked down the Stradun. The streetlights made the polished marble streets shine as if they were still wet from a washing. The cr...

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