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Nicaragua: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua |

I find every trip is a collection of ups and downs. You just hope that the ups always outnumber the downs. My trip to Nicaragua was no exception with its own collection of goods, bads, and an ugly. Read about my highlights and lowlights of two weeks in Central America.

Rainbow Bagels in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Rainbow Bagels in Brooklyn |

Earlier this year brightly coloured bagels started blowing up on the internet. A video by Business Insider showing the labour intensive process of creating these multi-coloured treats went viral. I started seeing them all over Facebook and Instagram. What unicorn magic was this? I must have.

Sunday Funday in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Sunday Funday in San Jual del Sur |

“I won’t be back too late tonight.” The young guy working reception at my hotel in San Juan del Sur looked down at my green Sunday Funday tank top and back up at me with a smirk. “Sure…” I was headed off to one of the most infamous parties in Central America so I couldn’t blame him for his doubt.

Volcano Boarding in Leon, Nicaragua

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua |

I could feel my feet heating up inside my hiking sneakers as they dug into the side of the volcano, trying to maintain some control over my downward speed. Dust and rock kicked up into a cloud around me as I hurtled down the side of Cerro Negro, the youngest active volcano in Nicaragua. Some horrific accident? Nope, I signed up for this.

San Juan del Sur Shop |

The Markets of Masaya, Nicaragua

“Let’s go to the local market. Forget the tourist one. Why pay more?” I wanted to check out the markets in Masaya but didnt want to go alone, so tagging along with ...

The Watershed Coffee Shop - Petty Harbour, NL |

Sunday Rituals at The Watershed

Last fall I developed a habit. I would pack up my laptop, hop in my car, and drive 20 minutes from downtown to The Watershed in pretty Petty Harbour. It’s a coffee shop...

Los Patios Hotel - Granada, Nicaragua |

Los Patios Hotel – Granada, Nicaragua

If you want to feel like a pampered princess without breaking the bank, than Nicaragua is the place for you. And Los Patios Hotel in Granada is a great example of that: a...

People on a plane

10 Things I Always Do Before Every International Trip

As I was writing out one of the million lists I make each time I travel - packing lists, flight options, lists of hotels, attractions, budgets, etc. - I realized that the...

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