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Iceland: One for the Bucket List

Kirkjufellsfoss |

It feels like lately I keep seeing photos from Iceland popping up in Twitter, Pinterest, and especially my Instagram feed. I secretly think that Iceland is the reason Instagram was created in the first place, don’t you? I mean, have you seen those waterfalls? The glaciers? It feels like everyone is going to Iceland. Everyone but me that is. But someday that’ll change.

Cat Cafés of Montreal

Montreal Cat Cafe |

I love the idea of cat cafes. A hot beverage and a furry companion. What could be better? They are everywhere in Asia and I knew I had to get myself to one when I was in South Korea, because I couldn’t see how one would ever open in North America. What insurance company would allow it? What health board? But lo and behold… Montreal now has three.

Rooftop to Underground: Two Places to Drink in SoHo

JIMMY at the James Hotel |

Armed with Foursquare and a squad of hip friends, we navigated the late night drink options in SoHo. He didn’t trust the unwashed masses over at Yelp to make suggestions, instead relying on places where his friends had checked-in before. It was past midnight and we were on the hunt for cool places to have a drink in SoHo.

Four Places to Eat in East Harlem

Patsy's Pizza |

When my friend told me that we’d be staying in East Harlem I wasn’t too sure what to expect. It turns out, we were in for some really good eats. Find out what joints made our list.

Smorgasburg |

The Best Thing to Do in Brooklyn on a Saturday

If you find yourself wandering around Williamsburg on a Saturday afternoon wondering what to do be at, have I got a suggestion for you! Walk yourself down to the East Riv...

Isolation Tank at Spa Ovarium |

First Time Floating in Montreal

I felt like I was slowly spinning and tumbling through space, but I knew that I wasn’t actually moving. I had lost track of where my hands and feet were. Was I high? No...

Mel in London

Who’s Heading Back to England?

Yesterday, WestJet rolled into town to make an announcement. I had been invited, along with other media and travel professionals, to hear about their new route firsthand....

Roam Mobility |

US Data Plans Without the Fuss

In the past, I'd had to go without data on my phone when I travelled. I was cheap and data roaming plans from my carrier were expensive. So I jumped from wifi hotspot to ...

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