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Photo of the Week: Dubrovnik Parrot

Dubrovnik Parrot |

One of the characters I met in Dubrovnik

I heard these birds before I ever saw them. Sounds echos in a city of stone such as Dubrovnik. I came across this scene while walking down the Stradun one day. You could pay some money and have your picture taken holding a brightly coloured bird – a busking scheme I’d seen before in a few places. I love how one of the parrots is stealing a treat while the man is distracted.

4 responses to “Photo of the Week: Dubrovnik Parrot”

  1. Great shot. Looks like the man is about to approach you to ask for money. ha ha… Did you have to pay? ;-)

  2. Janit says:

    Gorgeous shot. Everything – from the guy with his earrings to the parrots – looks awesome.
    I wanna visit Dubrovnik. :-)

  3. […] Photo of the Week: Dubrovnik Parrot ( […]

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