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Foodie Friday: Fried Plantains in Costa Rica

Breakast in Costa Rica |

I couldn’t get enough of the fried plantains and fresh pineapple.

I’ve been thinking about Central America a lot lately. It’s been over a year since I took my first international solo trip to Costa Rica and I’ve been longing to go back. I decided to ease myself into that trip by staying at the swanky Royal Corin near La Fortuna my first few nights. Each morning I woke early and threw open the curtains to see lush greenery, hot springs and a volcano right across the road. My stay there included an amazing breakfast buffet each morning and, although the host in the dining room was a bit perplexed about me being alone, he got me a table on the outdoor patio and served me delicious coffee. I checked out the buffet offerings: eggs, check. croissant, check. pineapple and watermelon, check. Then I saw a dish that looked like cooked bananas of some sort. I put a couple on my plate to try. Turns out they were fried plantains and I’d found a new food obsession. Starchier than bananas, fried up they were sweet, almost like a breakfast candy. I could’ve happily eaten gallo pinto (rice and beans not pictured here), fresh pineapple, fried plantains and coffee every day for breakfast. For the rest of my time in Costa Rica I looked for plantains any time I could get them. I’ve since tried making them at home, but to no one’s surprise, they just aren’t the same.

What’s your favourite new food discovery you’ve made while travelling?

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