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Make Your Travel Wardrobe Go Further with Vacay

Vacay romper

Imagine, packing just 6 things and having over 15 outfits at your fingertips. That would be the ultimate for travelling light right? It’s not just wishful thinking though. With Vacay’s collections plus one or two essential items from your closet you can make it a reality.

So many travel dresses claim to give you a dozen outfits with one piece but all it really ends up being is different ways to tie the straps so one outfit looks almost the same as the next. It makes me skeptical. Vacay follows through on their promises though by focusing on mix ‘n match pieces rather than trying to find a million ways to wear one thing.

All of their jumpsuits, rompers, and dresses are actually two pieces that can be worn together, apart with a basic like white pants or a tank, or mixed with each other. I recently got the chance to try out their romper while in Costa Rica to see how it would fit in to my vacation wardrobe.

Vacay romper

Vacay romper

I picked out the black & white Gold Coast 2-piece romper and went on the site to figure out what size to order. The size guide said that their large is equivalent to a US 12/14. It’s also the largest size they offer. Since I’m a US 10/12 I figure this was a safe bet. When my package arrived I eagerly tore into it, pulled out the pieces, looked at the shorts and thought, “Huh. This looks…small…and short.

I immediately tried it on and let’s just say it was a bit of a struggle. Once up over my bottom, the shorts looked alright and weren’t quite booty shorts like I’d feared with their 2.5” inseam, but there wasn’t any leeway for an extra taco at dinner either. The fabric doesn’t have any stretch so it was a bit of a tight fit over my chest as well (for reference I wear a 36D bra so not everyone will have this issue). If you’re a US size 14 or larger, I’d say put your wallet away unless they come out with larger sizes.

My only other issue was the fabric itself. Both the lining and outer fabric are 100% polyester so it was sweat city in Costa Rica’s humid 30C climate. If I were travelling somewhere a bit cooler or drier, this wouldn’t be an issue. On the flip side, the romper was very packable and didn’t wrinkle. Important when you pack with compression cubes like I do. It was also quick to dry after being hand-washed.

Not every item is made with the same fabric so these are very outfit-specific comments. I can’t speak to how the other pieces might fit. You can check the fabric on their website before you buy.

If this romper had been made with a breathable fabric with some stretch it would’ve made all the difference in the world. Ok, and my 30-something self would like the shorts to be another inch longer.

I love Vacay’s collection approach to their clothes. They specifically design pieces that will work together. Pick a collection and their website will suggest a couple of basics you should include from your own wardrobe and then show you all of the outfit possibilities. Packing made simple. The approach is a good one: pick one colour pallet, include mostly solids, and throw in a pattern to liven things up. This approach also simplifies your shoe and jewellry packing since you just have the one colour pallet to contend with.

Bonus: you also get a nice discount if you purchase an entire collection at once rather than individual pieces. It completely takes the guesswork out of putting together a travel capsule wardrobe.

Do you look for mix ‘n match clothing when you travel? What are your packing hacks to get the most out of your wardrobe?



One response to “Make Your Travel Wardrobe Go Further with Vacay”

  1. Trista says:

    If someone came out with a collection like this aimed at plus size bodies they could have all my money.

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