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Where to Stay in Halifax

Where to Stay in Halifax, NS

Halifax has plenty of great accommodations for every type of trip. Whether you’re visiting for a romantic getaway, a business trip, or a fun weekend with friends, you’ll be spoiled with options!So where should you stay in Halifax?


101 Things to Do in PEI

101 Things to Do in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island…the land of red dirt, potatoes, and of course, Anne of Green Gables. Canada’s smallest province may be small in size but not in fun. I want to help you get a little red dirt between your toes this summer, so I’ve pulled together this fun (and completely unordered) list of things to do in PEI. What will you start with?


Chicken Shit Bingo - Austin

Under the B…Number Two: Playing Chicken Shit Bingo in Austin

“It’s like bingo…but with chickens,” I implored. “So you, like, wait for the chicken to walk across your card and poop?” my friend asked, obviously grossed out.“ “No, there’s actually only one card and the chicken’s in a cage. You know what,” I mused, “it’s actually more like chicken shit roulette when you think about it.”Ah, Austin…land of the weird.


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